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"Dependable and Innovative Legal Help"

Welcome to my firm! The Law Office of Chris Ochoa, P.A. is proud to be serving Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. The firm has helped clients ALL over the state of Florida too! 

Here at the firm, you can expect to be treated with respect, dignity, and personal attention. The firm's staff is always available to speak with you and Attorney Chris Ochoa makes an extraordinary effort to make sure his clients have ease of access to him. As a client, you can expect sound legal advice, confident and competent legal representation. Chris Ochoa is exceptional at finding innovative ways to meet your legal needs. 

Attorney Chris Ochoa believes that every client deserves the best and most effective legal help regardless of their situation. He believes in meeting his clients legal goals and needs with a no-nonsense approach. You want an attorney that doesn't just put you on the calendar and the back burner, right? Chris Ochoa will make sure you know you are a priority and that you have a fighter who will take on all your legal issues with unwavering determination to reach victory.

Sure there are bigger firms out there with more attorneys. Most big firms have attorneys who have quotas to meet with billable hours. Do you want to be a means to an end or do you want an attorney who will gladly be your means to an end? If you are looking for an attorney who will work like you are his biggest client and strive for success in every legal issue for you then you are at the right place! 


Chris Ochoa is the attorney who focuses on helping clients with Foreclosure Defense, Consumer Protection, Real Estate, Business/Contracts, Family Law, Traffic Violations, Misdemeanor Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury.

The Law Office of Chris Ochoa has a full range of legal services: